High School Equivalency Test Preparation

What Is HiSET

Did you know that HiSET stands for High School Equivalency Testing, and is equivalent to a GED and High School Diploma?

At Career Transitions, we’re here to help get you on the path to your dream career, and for some people HiSET might be their first step! Our HiSET Manager can help get you started and assist you with scheduling tests and making study plans.

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5 Steps to Getting Started

Although taking the steps to earn your HiSET can be a lot of work, we want to make getting started as easy as possible!

Submit an application and our HiSET Manager will reach out to schedule a meeting and discuss the process.


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “how much does earning your HiSET cost?” At Career Transitions, we try to make education as affordable as we can to get you to where you want to be!

Besides testing fees, our services are completely free to students! Visit our website for more information about the program and associated costs.

HiSET Testing Process

Dive into the HiSET Testing Process!

There are 5 subject tests that all must be passed in order for students to obtain their HiSET certificate. A score of 8/20 is passing and a score of 15/20 or higher gives students honors status in that subject!

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Study Tips

We’ve compiled a list of tips from past and current HiSET managers to help students put their best foot forward when earning their HiSET.

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Facts About HiSET

In Montana, the dropout rate continues to rise, meaning that HiSET is more important than ever for our communities!

Students drop out for all kinds of reasons: money and familial issues, uncomfortable school environments, undiagnosed mental health problems, and more. Help support Career Transitions’ HiSET program so we can continue to help those working toward their dreams!