Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word 1

This 3-hour tutorial (one-on-one training) is designed for students with some familiarity with basic computer functioning including the Microsoft Word program and the creation, saving and moving of basic documents and folders. Following a 2 hour instructional class, students will have a one hour lab time to practice specific skills. Students will learn and practice the following Microsoft Word skills:

  • Create a Microsoft Word document, save it, create a folder and then drag and drop their document into a folder, as well as onto a flash drive
  • Utilize the basic functions of the HOME ribbon (toolbar) in Microsoft Word especially using the shortcut bar across the top to save, undo, redo, spell check and print
  • Select from the ribbon (toolbar), mouse or keystroke to change font size, bold, italic, underline, highlight and change alignment of text
  • Insert a table, and copy and paste text into the table
  • Use the Insert Ribbon to create word art & manipulate it using the functions in the format menu
  • Create bullets and manipulate the bullet menu for documents such as resumes
  • Utilize “clip art” and import images from GOOGLE
  • Practice the picture format tools including the ordering and placement of images in text

Class Cost: $50


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Microsoft Word 2

This 3 hour tutorial (one-on-one) is designed for intermediate computer students interested in advancing their computer expertise. A 2 hour instructional class is followed by a 1 hour lab. Students will learn about and practice the following new skills:

  • Create headers and footers for Word documents
  • Use the show/hide tool to manipulate text on the page
  • Manipulate spacing between lines and produce basic graphics around their text boxes.
  • Experiment with hyperlinks
  • Insert page breaks, watermarks and change page formatting
  • Work with the ruler and tabs, create columns and experiment with format painter
  • Experiment with templates and understand the problems of preset templates and how to manipulate to change them


Students will already have experience with the following topics:

  • Create, manipulate, & save a Microsoft Word document
  • Utilize the basic functions of the HOME ribbon (tool bar) in MS Word
  • Create tables, word art, bullets, and picture format tool

Class Tuition: $50


Microsoft Excel 1

This 3-hour tutorial (one-on-one) class is designed for beginning – intermediate students that want to learn the basics of Excel spreadsheets. Students should already have a basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Word program. The class will include the practical application of the program for home, office use and/or special projects. The 2-hour instructional class is followed by a 1-hour lab designed for practical applications:

  • Excel overview, getting started
  • Create a new document
  • Save your document
  • Toolbar navigation
  • Format your spreadsheet
  • Create formulas
  • Change an entry within a cell
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Format Rows and Columns
  • Add Rows and Columns
  • Design charts, options, style
  • Insert smart art graphics, including pictures
  • Print Excel document
  • Undo, redo, Quitting/Exiting, Other tips

Class Tuition: $50


Microsoft Excel 2

Using skills gained in “Microsoft Excel #1,” students will practice or explore individualized projects for the workplace or the home. Students will utilize practical applications for new Excel skills. The class includes 2 hours of instructional time and 1 hour of lab.

Class Tuition: $50