Computer Literacy

Introduction to Computers

This one-on-one course is an overview of computer use for beginning students who will acquire knowledge at their own pace. Students will learn how to use their computers effectively and safely.

Students will learn to:

  • Identify the basic parts of the keyboard, the monitor and mouse
  • Identify the use of hard drive storage, CD, and flash drive
  • Compare a laptop computer and a tower computer
  • Compare the use of the touchpad and mouse
  • Navigate on the computer screen, create monitor shortcuts
  • Compare hardware and software and access the software without a shortcut
  • Open Microsoft Word, type a basic document and save it into “documents”
  • Create a folder; drag and drop a document into a folder or a flash drive
  • Identify files and file types, learn to save, copy and delete files
  • Use the recycle bin and other key applications
  • Compose emails, attach documents, and send and receive emails & documents
  • Identify the basic functions of the HOME ribbon (toolbar) to save, undo, redo, spell check and print
  • Understand options of ribbon, mouse or keystroke to change font size, bold, italic, underline, highlight and change alignment of text

Class Tuition: $50


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